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Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Impact Man - 3 Tips to Save Money + Contribute To The Eco-Movement

Image by MissMalaprop

We just finished watching the movie No Impact Man. The movie profiles an NYC urban family going full-on eco friendly - through incremental steps. I can't say we're interested in going to the lengths they did (we're NOT going to give up toilet paper!), however, there are a few really interesting ideas that we took away that will help us to reduce our spending and contribute to the eco-movement.

1. Use a Glass Jar as a Water Bottle - We really like this idea. It's better for you, considering you don't have to worry about nasty chemicals leaching out of the plastic, plus the water is colder and cleaner tasting. Check out this Harvard study for more information.

2. Buy Reusable Produce Bags - What a fabulous idea! I can't tell you how many times we've discovered rotten food in our fridge stored in a plastic bag from the supermarket. We're going to pick up some of these bags.

3. Use Natural Cleansers - we're going to mix our own household cleansers. Making your own products will save you money, make your household safer for your family and pets, and contribute to the eco-movement. If you want to do this too, make sure you do a lot of research first. Check out this site for more information.

Obviously we're not saving the world with these small tips but we think getting two benefits out of 1 small action is definitely worth it. Let us know about any documentaries, websites or tips that have inspired you to take action somehow and save money.

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