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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Last Minute Vacation Savings

We're just wrapping up some loose ends before we hop on a plane for FLA. Some of the last minute details we needed to secure were:

- Renting a place to stay in our second location
- Securing a car rental
- Purchasing health insurance

In all three cases we were able to score some pretty nice deals and wanted to share our tips.

Renting a Place
As mentioned in our last entry, homeaway.com is a great resource, but make sure you look into cleaning fees and transaction charges that are passed through to the traveller. It was our experience that asking for a price reduction (especially if you aren't staying for a full week) was indeed possible.

Car Rental
If possible, try to book the car on a credit card that offers complimentary rental car insurance.  This could save you hundreds of dollars in insurance. It's also important to note, credit card companies do not offer third-party insurance - this means you won't be covered for any damage to someone else's vehicle.

Health Insurance
Shop around for sure... but we found CAA offered a great policy for a reasonable price.

We feel good about finding a lot of deals to put together this trip.  Now we will have a bit of extra money for some fun stuff on our journey.

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